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Juicer or juice extractors are household appliances that are used for the purpose of extracting the nectar from fruits and vegetables. You can use it for making smoothies, milk and 100% natural homemade juice. Juice extractors also help us in getting juice and vegetable pulps that can be used for other healthy and nutritional purposes. Though a lot of people discard these pulps without realizing the health benefits associated with them. Juice pulps are generally rich in nutrient and can be put into a lot of other use even for cosmetic purposes.

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What is Juice Fasting?

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Juice Fasting is for people intent on losing excessive weight. When someone is juice fasting, they use juice fluid to supplement for their normal solid meals. What this means is that rather than eating solid food, people drink only juice and water for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While juice fasting, you can also drink vegetable soups, consume herbal teas and generally do a lot of fluid intakes but you are not meant to consume any solid meal. Now, there is a difference between juice fasting and juice feasting. Let take a look at juice feasting and what it implies.

What is Juice Feasting?

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We can say that juice feasting means going on a juice consumption spree before and after every meal and in between meals. Juice feasting entails the regular intake of a large volume of juices daily in addition to your regular meals. Juice feasting is usually for those that want to add or gain weight. One important factor to note though is that during juice feasting, you must endeavor to stay away from consuming things like coffee, slim teas, soda, alcohol, cigarette smoking. Also avoid every other unhealthy thing that is toxic to the body.

What is Juice Cleansing?

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Is about detoxifying the body through the intake of different kind of juice from whole fruits. You can embark on juice detox or juice cleansing for any length or duration as you deem fit or as advised by your nutritionist.

There are different types of Juice Cleansing :

  • Juice Rejuvenation Cleanse

Juice rejuvenation cleanse is used to invigorate the body in addition to your regular meals. You are expected to eat more of vegetable diet. You are also advised to avoid junk food while embarking on a juice rejuvenation cleanse.

  • Classic Juice Reset Cleanse

It’s for those that are desirous of kicking out unhealthy craving for junk foods and drinks including habits like smoking. Juice reset cleanse is one natural way to achieve this. You will have to tailor your diet to organic foods and to natural juice combinations prepared to help you stop craving for those unhealthy consumptions.

  • Advanced Reset Juice Cleanse

Using natural juice, advance reset cleanser is designed to help you drastically reduce the sugar level in your body. This form of juice cleansing is for those that are having high sugar level issues and want a natural way to reduce the level of sugar in their body system.

  • Seasonal Juice Reset Cleanse

This is the one for those who want to occasionally eat healthy after a spell of eating junk foods. This cleansing regiment is designed to help you maintain a healthy balance between healthy and junk foods.

What is a Juice Diet?

Juice Dieting is the regiment of losing weight by embarking on a weight loss diet programme designed around the use of naturally made juice from different fruits and vegetables. Diets help in detoxification and in improving the skin appearance.
Juice dietary programmes work by moderating or controlling the calories intake of someone undergoing the regiment. Like stated above in the juice fasting section, juice diet is based on consuming only juice in place of regular meals or taking a lot of juices in-between meals. Juice diets are meant to be followed for a specified period of time. Once the result is achieved, the juice diet should be reduced to maintain the achieved state.

Juice Recipes

Recipes are guidelines on the type and quantity of juices to be made from fruits. It also details the best method for extraction, what quantity of a particular fruit juice should be combined with another fruit juice. When it comes to juice recipes, there are many types of juice shakes available and they all serve different purposes.
Some juice recipes are good for juice cleansing while others are suitable for juice feasting. Another kind of juice recipe might be great for juice fasting while another set is designed to nourish the skin and achieve a healthier look skin.

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Here are a few simple mixes to help you in your health life:

  1. Apple, Pineapple, Cucumber, and Spinach.

    It helps in building up your body’s immune against inflammations

  2. Ginger, Carrot, Turmeric, and Grapefruit

    We advise this one if you want to increase your appetite. It is a good recipe for those who are desirous of gaining weight. You can do it in a healthy way by increasing appetite for more healthy foods. While embarking on this recipe, it is advisable to abstain from junk foods at all cost. Regular consumption of junk foods will be counterproductive.

  3. Apple, Carrot, Orange, Sweet potato, and Beetroot

    It is great for hemoglobin regeneration. This recipe because of its blend of fruits and the nutrient they offer increases hemoglobin production in the body. It is also a great energizer as it serves as a vitality booster in the body.

  4. Cucumber, Apple, and Green Celery

    If your aim is to increase your intake of green vegetables and also achieve a healthy level of hydration, then this recipe is for you. Cucumber has a lot of water in it likewise apple so this combination helps you retain body fluid.

  5. Beetroot, Pear, Lemon, and Raspberry

    It is ideal for a juice weight loss programme. People starve themselves while trying to loss weight but with this recipe, you need not starve yourself. All you need do is to drink this juice regularly toward achieving that weight loss you desire.

  6. Orange, Lemon, and Ginger

    This recipe is great for energy restoration and boosting your immune system. A daily or regular intake of this juice will create a restoration of vitality in your body system.



Today, juice diet is gaining popularity as more people are desirous of living healthy and eating healthy. We find juicing as one natural way to maintain a healthy lifestyle particularly as it pertains to what we eat and drink. With junk foods and drinks, our risk of having health problems like heart issues, intestinal issues, obesity and other health problems increases. To avoid this, it is imperative we conscientiously make a shift from unhealthy diets to healthy diets that juicing provides. On our site you can find how to make juice (look for juicer reviews section). Also you can find a lot of great juice recipes.