Drinking juice is one of the most efficient ways to absorb maximum nutrients in our bodies. Juices give you maximum nourishment and go a long way to perform other health-related functions. Different types of juices can give you different boosts (like in video games, sick!). Although most of the people understand the benefits that come with drinking juice, some don’t. You should know exactly why we drink juices, be it homemade or the processed ones.

Reasons For Drinking Juices

  • Overall Health Improvement. Juices thrive to improve your health since they reduce the risk of getting diseases. For instance, the antioxidants contained in juices help detoxify your bodies and fruits and vegetables have phytochemicals which are the health promoters.
  • Enhancement of The Immune System. Apart from health improvement, juice intake helps sustain our immune system since they contain vitamin C and other minerals that help boost your immune.
  • Hydration. You know the satisfaction you get when you drink a cold juice in a hot afternoon? Apparently, juices hydrate the body and in turn cells obtain the needed amount of water for the desired functionality.
  • Maintain a Suitable Cholesterol Level. Juices maintain the cholesterol level required by the body and hence slashes the chances of getting a heart attack and on the other hand help in the regulation of blood pressure.
  • Most importantly, juice intake helps you reach your vegetable-fruit quota. Most people fail to take fruits and vegetables on a required daily basis. Other people hate some fruits and so drinking juice is a better way of consuming these fruits or vegetables.
  • Instant Energy. What most people do not know is that juices help generate instant energy. They contain crucial minerals and vitamins that contain natural glucose. Accordingly, they will reduce dullness and tiredness.
  • By drinking juices, you get to relish a variety of foods that are far from the norm.


Types of Juices

The best thing about juices is that there is a wide variety to choose from and there are countless flavors depending on what you like. You can comfortably prepare at home freshly squeezed juices and there are the already processed juices that you can purchase from the store. The type of juice is determined by; The preferred flavor,’ Whether it is processed or freshly squeezed.

Vegetable Juice Drink

Vegetable juice image

A vegetable juice drink is among the healthiest fluids you take in The choices are numerous and come with different advantages and health boosts. So, what are some of the benefits attached to vegetable juice drinks?

  • Promotes Alkalinity Green juice help to promote alkalinity in your body. This means less inflammation for you, contrary to processed and cooked foods that contain high acid levels leaving you tired and less active.
  • Direct Nutrient Absorption Vegetable juice promotes direct absorption of nutrients into your body as compared to when you eat the vegetables where they have to be broken down by the body first before absorption.

For instance, beets, celery, carrots, cucumber, and mangoes among other provide vitamin A in your body; and kale provides vitamins k and c. In short, all these vitamins and minerals contained in vegetables are consumed wholly when taken in as juice drinks because blending does not deplete them.

Natural Fruit Juices

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Although a lot of brands try to convince you that they produce 100% natural fruit juices, most of them are not purely natural. This is because they add other unnatural sugars and sweeteners and once packaged, preservatives and other additives are added. This means that the most trusted natural fruit juices are those you blend for yourself. This way, you enjoy healthier and more natural juice as compared to the processed one that you would buy.

Best Fruit Juice

Everyone has their own preferences, so you can’t exactly declare the best type of fruit juice. Preferences often vary with the type of fruits to the health benefits that one gains from drinking a certain fruit juice.
Healthy Juice Drinks When it comes to health, there are several factors to consider when choosing the type of juice since each type of juice contains different health benefits. Also, there are healthy and unhealthy juice drinks.

Below are several examples of juice ingredients and their health benefits (mix them up to make up with some great types of juices) :

  • Grapes contain antioxidants known as anthocyanins that help improve the brain function. Drinking concord grape juice on a daily basis helps improve your memory. Sounds great right?
  • Tomatoes juice plays a very big role in reducing cancer risks, especially prostate cancer
  • Cucumbers. You can find in them a silicon, a building block that the body uses for connective tissues. It also contains cat talc acid and ascorbic acid that help lower cholesterol as well as prevention of water retention.
  • Lemons help prevent kidney stones. In a case where you have had kidney stones before, daily intake of lemon juice will reduce the risk of recurrence by a whopping 90%.
  • Oranges contain plant pigments known as flavonoids that are highly concentrated with anti-inflammatory properties. Several glasses of orange juice prevent inflammation and in turn reduces the risk of blood vessels damage.
  • Cranberries. Just like the orange juice, this one also contains flavonoid antioxidants which enhance cardiovascular health and thwart urinary tract infections.
  • Celery stems are an excellent source of vitamin B1, 92,136 and C, and the leaves are rich in vitamin A. A major benefit of consuming celery is regulation of blood pressure.
  • Pomegranate contains disease-fighting antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent heart diseases.
  • Prune or Pawpaw. These two contain significant amounts of fibers, potassium, and antioxidants. You can find in them natural laxatives that assist in managing the digestive system.

You can find more examples on this Wikipedia page: List of juices

Conclusions for new juice drinkers!

In a nutshell, every fruit juice amounts a certain level of health benefits so it is important to try and balance the varieties in order to acquire diversified nutrients. On the downside, there are several cocktails that are entirely unhealthy. If your focus is on your health, it is good to watch out for these culprits.